15 08, 2017

The Milkshake Heist is Awesome!

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The Milkshake Heist drawings I am doing this week are less refined because they are sketches and aren't final artwork. Sketches share what I am going for without investing a ton of time. It's a preliminary step to sell the idea/composition to an art director. I aim to create 9-12 sketches per day, that's about [...]

9 05, 2017

The Milkshake Heist Focus Groups & Cover Art

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Last March, I wrote about the completed dummy book for Milkshake Heist. Since then, we not only received helpful critique from industry professionals and writing colleagues but have revised the dummy. It hurt to take nearly rendered pages out and I learned that roughs need to be just that, ROUGH. It was all worth it to have [...]

5 04, 2017

Reading Coco Wants a Burger at Papas & Pajamas

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Papas & Pajamas is an event where elementary students come to school at night in their pajamas to listen to stories read aloud by volunteers. I had the great privilege of being an author/illustrator presenter last night at the very school I went to as a kid! The students had 5 different stations to attend [...]

16 03, 2017

Dummy Book for The Great Milkshake Heist

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  The first draft of our dummy book for the Great Milkshake Heist is complete! It's an exciting time. Now Justin and I will collect feedback from industry professionals on how to improve the book. We'll read it to kids to see how the jokes go over. After revising the dummy it will be [...]

28 12, 2016

Storyboard Artwork for the Great Milkshake Heist

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Justin and I finished the script for the Great Milkshake Heist and are moving to the storyboard phase. We estimate the book will be about 140 pages when it is translated into comic panels. The process at this point is all about storytelling. How can we write the story so that the reader enjoys it? The storyboard [...]

6 12, 2016

My Next Book Project, The Great Milkshake Heist

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Last week I finished No Slack November and used the artwork to develop my next book. I created a page a day of inked and colored artwork for one month resulting in 30 daily posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The artwork helped tell a 22 page scene from the graphic novel I am working on with a friend, The [...]

16 11, 2016

Book Artwork Created During Inktober 2016

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This year I participated in Inktober 2016, a nationwide event started by Jake Parker. Inktober is an event where artists post a daily ink drawing each day of the month (check out the link at the end of my article for more information). I wanted to begin producing book artwork again having focused so much on [...]

18 12, 2015

Picture Book Making. My 4 Main Challenges

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Coco Wants A Burger is a beautiful picture book with really unique artwork. The full-color spreads are timeless and deliver a great story. Yet, while working my way to the finished product, there are 4 main challenges that are unique to producing this picture book. […]

22 08, 2015

Is there a hamburger story to be had?

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My first Lumpkins© dummy book is complete! All 32 pages are written and sketched. For those who don't know, a dummy book is simply a mock-up or prototype. I would love to share the work but I think it is wise to keep it private until the book is done. It has been rewarding to develop the characters [...]